DiscoverAltura Máxima

The Passion, persistence and ruthless determination of Donald Hess drove him on to plant a vineyard at the highest altitude in the world at 3111metres above sea level (10200ft). Our wines represent the highest expression of Malbec, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.

They bear not only the hallmark of a grape grown in this marvelous, extreme terroir, but also the passion, persistance and determination of their creator.


Our wines are especially focused on enhancing the unique and differential characteristics of the emblematic varietals of Argentina.

They reflect the soul of the unparalleled terroir and high altitude of Salta’s spectacular Calchaquí Valley.

DiscoverLotes Especiales

Small Lots planted with specially selected vines from our vineyards, allow us to explore the greatest potential of different varietals in a high-altitude arid terroir.

Our winemaker, Thibaut Delmotte, wishes to share his expertise and experiences at Colomé with the consumer. These are indeed unique wines from our winery.


Thibaut Delmotte

Since 2005, Thibaut Delmotte is the winery’s winemaker. He is from France and graduated from Beaune, Burgundy. Before his arrival in Colomé, he worked five years in France, Burgundy, and Bordeaux.

In Burgundy, he achieved his great experience with respect to the land, he learnt to be able to understand and express it. He specialized in the most noble variety; Pinot Noir. In Bordeaux, he learned about the assemblages (blends), and how to blend a variety of wine maintaining the balance and adding more complexity to it. Different experiences yet complementary, they were to be key in his adaptation to the terroir of the Calchaquí Valleys.

Winemaking Philosophy


Enjoying a remarkably low humidity, the mild climate of the Calchaqui Valley in Salta is perfect for the vines that grow here. The extreme altitude is essential for creating lush flavors and qualities that are unique to this area. The extreme altitude, the brightness of the sunlight, the wide diurnal temperature range, are all important factors that contribute to the unique character and fragrance of the grape. This is a very special alchemy that belongs exclusively to these lands.

Our wine production is simple: we preserve the distinct flavour of the grape coming from the unique terroir of each vineyard. We strive that all those exquisite properties are all reflected and perceived when each glass of our wine is enjoyed.

Our winemaking philosophy is first to respect everything: the land, the altitudes, the vine, the grape, and also the people who will be enjoying our wines. Apart from technical advances, wine (essentially, naturally fermented grape juice) has stayed more or less the same for the last 8000 years. At Colomé, we follow traditional practices, such as using only natural and indigenous yeast. It is important to us that our wine expresses the distinct character of the four altitudes, year after year.

Ideal Harvesting Time

Grapes are manually collected in plastic boxes to preserve the clusters and avoid fermentation before reaching the winery. A sampling is periodically taken to check the degree of maturity of the grape.

Working with low Yield

Quality is privileged over quantity, thus reducing the fruit load on each vine by thinning the crop is one of the usual tasks. Both during harvest and production a manual selection of clusters and grape berries is made.

Wine making practices

Fermentation with indigenous yeasts, minimizing intervention in all processes. Thanks to the altitude of the area, grapes generate adequate natural acidity so no additives are needed. The grape in the vineyards of Colomé is enhanced enough so as to preserve the distinct flavour, the freshness, the intensity and natural robustness thus the use of wood is minimized. Our red wines are aged; however, new barrels are seldom used.