A unique and unforgettable experience in the immensity of the Calchaquí Valley. Colomé is not just an incredible vineyard, it’s an incredible combination of taste, art, culture, adventure travel, gastronomy and continually evolving potential. Visionary, Since 1831.

Enjoy the Colomé ExperienceBodega & Estancia Colomé

Hidden in a nook of the Calchaquí Valleys, one of the most imposing landscapes in Argentina, you will find one of the highest vineyards in the world, Bodega Colomé, founded in 1831.

We invite you to discover the essence and nature of Colomé, its breathtaking scenery, its magical quietness and its outstanding beauty. Here you can stay and relax at the Estancia (hotel) or just visit us for the day, discover and enjoy the Colomé Experience at the Winery.

DiscoverAbout Us

This is Bodega Colomé. A terroir that dates back to 1831, a sacred land with vines that have been celebrating life and nature for almost 200 years. It is also the vision, sacrifice, dedication, and fulfillment of a great adventure for Donald and Ursula Hess. Colomé is the realization of their dream.


First established in 1831, Bodega Colomé has been pioneering the potential of high altitude vines for more than 180 years and we are proudly the oldest winery in Argentina.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Colome has a deep respect for the people, the land and the culture, everything that has come before and everything that will come after. The conservation of our natural resources through sustainable practices are essential for the viability of each and every one of our activities on the long term.


At Colomé we are a very large extended family. We may all come from different cultures and different walks of life but whatever our expertise, we all share the same dream and we are all on this adventure together.


Our wines are especially focused on enhancing the unique and differential characteristics of the emblematic varietals of Argentina. They reflect the soul of the unparalleled terroir and high altitude of Salta’s spectacular Calchaquí Valley.

WinemakerThibaut Delmotte

Since 2005, Winemaker Thibaut Delmotte has crafted complex wines of distinction and collected international accolades for Bodega Colomé while still staying true to his French origins.

Winemaking Philosophy

“Our winemaking philosophy is first to respect everything: the land, the altitudes, the vine, the grape, and also the people who will be enjoying our wines. We always allow for the distinct expression of the place and altitude to come through year after year. The Calchaqui Valley is very generous so this makes our work a little easier” says Thibaut.

Dramatic sites don’t always produce exceptional
wines, but Altura Máxima most definitely does” Tim Atkin


Nestled at four different altitudes ranging from 2,300 to 3,111 metres above sea level, our four vineyards are at one with both the earth and the sky among the beautiful Calchaquí Valleys in the Salta province of Argentina. In 2019, Bodega Colomé was named one of the top 25 vineyards in the World’s Best Vineyards Award.

Live the Colomé ExperienceHospitality

To visit Colomé is to immerse yourself in the history of this ancient land and to enjoy the splendour of its reawakening. Here in the Calchaqui Valley,, the earth seems to merge with the sky. We invite you to embark upon a journey to this haven away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life where one can unwind and experience the mystical atmosphere of harmony, serenity, and peace.

Taste & ExperienceVisit Us

Colomé is a unique and unforgettable experience which starts with an amazing and challenging journey up through the magnificent foothills and mountains of the Cordillera. A magical mix of star-lit skies and an intense and glowing sun which radiates energy, adding mystery to this extraordinary adventure.