Colomé Torrontés

Torrontés is the native Argentine flagship white grape, which reaches its highest expression in this region. This area has a special micro-climate made up of the extreme altitude (1700 and 3100 masl), the brightness of the sunlight, and the wide diurnal temperature range. This is a very special alchemy that belongs exclusively to these lands and contributes to the unique character and fragrance of the grape.
Grapes are grown at our La Brava vineyard estate at 1700 meters, which is considered the best altitude for this variety. There is a wide diurnal temperature range and the intense solar exposure means that grapes grown here develop a unique aromatic expression which in turn produces a fresh wine of great acidity.


100% Torrontés


Valles Calchaquíes

Viticultural area:

Upper Calchaquí Valleys, Salta, Argentina

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