Bodega Colome


Ideal Harvesting Time

Grapes are manually collected in plastic boxes to preserve the clusters and avoid fermenting before reaching the winery. A sampling is periodically taken to check the degree of maturity of the grape.

Working with low yields

Quality is privileged over quantity, thus reducing the workload on the vineyard by thinning the fruit as part of the usual tasks. Both during harvest and production a manual selection of clusters and grape berries is made.

Wine Making Practices

Fermentation with indigenous yeasts, minimizing intervention in all processes. Thanks to the altitude of the area, grapes generate adequate natural acidity so no additives are needed. The grape fruit is enhanced minimizing the use of wood to preserve the distinct flavour, the freshness, the intensity and natural robustness obtained in Colomé. Our red wines are aged; however, new barrels are seldom used.