Bodega Colome

Colomé Wines

Colomé 1831

Colomé is one of Argentina’s oldest wineries located in the Calchaqui Valley at 2300 metres where extreme conditions create unique terroir, perfect for growing Malbec.
Planted in 1831, the estate vineyard at Colomé is this inspiration for this wine and a tribute to our history and to my father-in-law Donald Hess who came to Colomé with vision, passion and a desire to craft the world’s greatest Malbecs. Christoph Ehrbar.

Colomé Auténtico

Bodega Colomé honours and pays homage to its past by presenting: Colomé Auténtico Malbec. This wine is a tribute to the pioneers, those who preceded us and started the vineyards and the winery in 1831. Since then, Colomé has continuously respected the land and has striven to capture the natural expression of the soil in our wines. The vineyards in Colomé have always been grown and worked using environmentally sustainable practices; thus achieving the “authentic” expression of the terroir.

Colomé Estate

Wines of distinction have been crafted at Colomé in the Upper Calchaquí Valley in the Salta region since 1831. Our sustainably farmed desert vineyards grow the world’s highest elevation Malbec. Four estate vineyards are blended to achieve the finest expression of Malbec, Argentina’s best known grape variety. “La Brava” vineyard (1700m) yields intense ripe fruit. “Colomé” vineyard (2300m) lends complexity and weight. “El Arenal” vineyard (2700m) gives elegance and freshness to the blend. “Altura Máxima” (3100m) and the highest vineyard in the world gives floral and mineral notes with fine grain tannins to the assemblage.

Colomé Torrontés

Torrontés is the signature white wine of Argentina. It reaches its peak in the Calchaquí Valley thanks to the special microclimate. At Colomé, we look for a delicate, elegant, and distinguished interpretation of this variety. The grapes come mainly from our La Brava Estate in Cafayate, at 1,700 masl, which is considered the optimum elevation for this variety.