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James Turrell Museum

The James Turrell Museum is part of The Hess Art Collection and opened in 2009. The museum is located within the Colomé Winery and Estate. The museum is exclusively dedicated to the work of James Turrell, one of the world’s most renowned contemporary artists, who is mainly concerned with light and space.
The different works of art in the museum span five decades in the artist’s career like a time tunnel. They are exhibited in nine especially-fitted rooms of light in a total area of 1.700 square metres.
Amongst the exhibited works are Spread 2003 and Unseen Blue 2002, the largest skyspace in the world located in an inner courtyard with an open view of the sky. It reaches its maximum intensity at sunrise and sunset.
Thanks to the powerful art work and the breathtaking nature around the museum, visitors of the museum live a thrilling sensory experience.

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