Bodega Colome

LE Sauvignon

Lote Especial Sauvignon Blanc

Altitude, as it generates microclimates and varied terroirs, is a factor that distinguishes Salta from the rest of the regions from Argentina and worldwide and translates into outstanding expression and diversity in our wines.

Bodega Colomé, since 1831, is the oldest working winery in Argentina. It is located in the Upper Calchaquí Valley and has 4 Estates between 5.600 and 10.200 feet above sea level, the highest altitude of Argentina, making Colomé a unique project in the world.

Varietal Composition

Varietals: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
Vineyards Location: Finca Altura Máxima, Salta. 3000 masl
Ageing: 7 months. 90% in tanks on fine lees. 10% in new French oak barrels.

Tasting Note

At 3000 meters, the weather conditions are extreme, with late frosts in spring and early ones in autumn. Therefore, we plant varieties with short cycle such as Sauvignon Blanc.

The wine is golden, very complex in nose, with many white and exotic fruit, floral and mineral notes, and a touch of herbs, which is typical of the variety.

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