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Colomé Foundation


Over the past 165 years, Hess Family has developed a simple work ethic based on a system foreseen by our Swiss founders. Some of our guidelines are:


In accordance with the company’s fundamental values, from the very start of this project we have kept not only a corporate but also a social approach as regards the way we conduct our business. That is why we get involved with the local community to develop a harmonious project that combines the best of both cultures.

This commitment is not only clearly evidenced in our capability to employ, train and provide a real chance of development for many of Colomé’s residents, but also in our possibility of improving the quality of life of nearly 500 residents of Colomé.

In order to fulfill this possibility, we have built a community centre and shop, a meeting room and dance hall as well as a Church, and we have helped in the construction of a provincial school. We are constantly helping to improve and maintain Colomé’s infrastructure.


Based on our values and social commitment to the community of Colomé, we have taken the next step and created the Colomé Foundation, a non-profit organisation whose main objective is to help the residents of Colomé in various aspects, such as nutrition, hygiene, personal care and health, basic practical knowledge of agriculture and work tools, handicrafts, etcetera. Our main focus is on children and women.
The foundation is currently being funded by the company, but we accept donations.

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