Bodega Colome

Altura Máxima

Altura Máxima

Passion, persistence and a ruthless determination to plant the world’s highest elevation vineyard led Donald Hess to the Salta region of Argentina to plant Malbec in an estate vineyard he named Altura Maxima – Maximum Height


Variety: 100% Malbec
Altitude:10,207 feet above sea level
Viticultural area: Upper Calchaquí Valleys, Salta, Argentina
Soil type:Calcareous and Granite
Total plantings: 23 acres, sustainably farmed
Tons harvested: 10 tons
Time in barrel: 24 months


The true expression of terroir in this Malbec comes from the extreme altitude at which the vineyard sits,
it receives much more sun, much less UV protection, producing thicker skinned grapes that deliver a more robust mouthfeel supported by fresh acidity.

Since 2005, Winemaker Thibaut Delmotte has crafted wines of distinction and international acclaim for Bodega Colomé while staying true to his French origins.

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